How large should your logo be to attract customers?

A big logo is often your worst enemy. If you want your brand to get noticed, try putting your logo last.

I know that may sound like the...

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  • Jan 21, 2015

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H. Ghuman

To get the most out a design,
is it best to fill every square inch?

We are often asked by clients to use up all the space in a design. For example a 1 page flyer, we may be asked to fill every inch of it with products or...

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Should you try to look like your competitors?

Its quite normal to want to be like other businesses in your market. But you have to make sure you differentiate yourself to avoid blending into the crowd.

As an informed...

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Problem #1
You are not solving one

Jeanne called one day and said she needed help with marketing her business. A few days later she sat in my office and told me how she had put years into building up resources to launch a new...

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What is standard business card size?

Standard business card size varies depending on where...

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