The following terms and conditions apply to the products and services offered:


Is there a design fee?

No. Our PageBlank pricing structure is unique and all products include design customization of the layout shown at no additional charge.

If you have been trying to do-it-yourself because you are trying to save money, stop and look at our pricing. We not only make you look great, it's included FREE with your printing purchase. The design customizing is included in our prices, and you will see that our prices are far less than you are paying now for plain printing. Let us take care of your next order and show you how we make your marketing materials truly profitable.

Will I receive final files with my order?

No. Electronic files are not included with your order. Since we have an extremely aggressive pricing structure without custom design fees, we are unable to release design files to our clients. When you place an order for an item, for example, brochures, your order is completed with the delivery of the physical printed brochures. Files are not included.

The design copyrights for every product remain with us and are not released to the client. The original design files are kept on file for about 1 year and if you decide to reorder the same item, we will usually be able to rerun it for you in the future and maintain a high level of consistency across your entire line of marketing materials.

The only exception to copyright release are logo files, which are released to you ( our client) and you then have the copyrights to reproduce your logo as you please. The copyrights for all other print and web designs remain with PageBlank / Pageimagine LLC.

What if I need high resolution logo files,
or PDF for my website etc?

Logos can be ordered in high-resolution vector format EPS. or PDF files. The files pricing for logos is listed on the site under logo designs. Once ordered, you will then own the copyright to reproduce the logo on your own and can incorporate it into your various business documents as needed.

PDF files are also available for most items such as brochures for use on websites and emails. Pricing for these is generally the same as for logo files ($69.95 each). These documents are provided in a web optimized PDF format suitable for use on websites, emails and other electronic marketing uses. High resolution press-ready files are not available for release and original copyrights on reproduction of the designs in high quantity print format are retained by PageImagine LLC.

Do the designs include stock photos?

No. Any stock images shown are the property of the respective stock provider. Images are simply shown as part of the designers vision of each design. Most clients submit their own business photos for use in the final design.

If you wish to use the stock images that are shown, we cover the cost of purchasing 1-2 stock images (depending on what item you buy, ie. postcard vs. brochure). You are welcome to suggest different stock images as well if you like, just keep in mind that the cost of the images will be added to your order. Most stock images can be purchased for approximately $10 each and are generally licensed for use in 1 project. Some stock sites have premium, or signature level images that cost more than the standard ones that we cover. If you wish to purchase a premium image, please keep in mind that it can cost more, ($30+ per image). Please note, we cannot release copies of the stock images used in any project. They are limited to the final prints that you receive.

Can I exclusively buy a design so no one else can buy it?

Not yet. Keep in mind, the designs shown are concepts which get customized for each client. The final result delivered to each client ends up being a bit different for each client, even if two people buy the same design. Most of our clients are small to mid sized businesses, and usually marketing in a local region. The chances of two business having a similar design in the same local area is very small. This approach allows you to have many of the benefits of custom design, while staying at a price point that is comprable to do-it-yourself. Based on client feedback, most clients have replied that the pricing is more important than having design exclusivity. Let us know what you think. We are taking client feedback into consideration and may offer an option in the future to lock down designs exclusivley, but this would have to be at a higher price.

My print colors do not match what I saw on screen

Please note, we cannot guarantee colors to match or reproduce exactly as shown on screen.

Color can vary for many reasons, and is not something that we can guarantee on any project. Monitors can vary significantly and what you see on your screen is not what we see when designing. Computer displays are capable of producing bright and vibrant colors, that may appear darker in print. Paper, inks, temperature, even humidity changes can all throw off color during printing as well. So the same design printed today, may not match the colors from the last time it was run. A 10% variation in color is considered to be average. Please let us know if you have a color critical project and we will try to do our best, but again, do keep in mind that color is not guaranteed

I want to order the original high resolution press ready files so I can print the designs with my local printer:

Under our PageBlank product line pricing structure, original files for designs are not released to clients. This is necessary so we can offer such an aggressive pricing structure for custom designed graphics and so we can maintain the copyrights on all designs. If you are one of the few clients that feels the need to own the original artwork and wants full copyrights for the designs developed, you should consider our parent PageImagine custom design services. Our PageImagine line offers complete custom development individually tailored to the unique specifications of each client and offers unlimited flexibility in design services as well as pricing for release of artwork copyrights to the client. The main difference to keep in mind is that PageImagine services are 100% custom and design fees are charged based on each project's complexity and unique requirements.

Are there any long term contracts for the website services?

No. We do not lock you into any long term contracts and your monthly web services can be canceled at any time. The website services are renewed on a monthly basis and charged based on the level package that you select. You are licensed to use the website to conduct business for each month your account is in good standing. There are no penalties for cancellation, but please note all website designs remain the property of PageImagine LLC. and cannot be copied or transferred for any reason. (See below)

Your website monthly fee is due at the 1st of each month. Late payments are subject to 10% late fees and unpaid accounts will be suspended until past due balances have been paid in full. Any past due invoices must be paid in full before an account can be closed, or before domains can be authorized for transfer or release to another host. We reserve the right to terminate services for past due accounts, as well as misuse of websites ( including but not limited to inappropriate content, illegal activities, violation of usage terms, etc. )

Can I transfer a PageBlank designed website to another hosting company?

No. Under our PageBlank product line pricing structure, all website designs and code are protected by copyright laws and remain the property of PageImagine LLC. Your monthly fee grants you a license to use the site to conduct business, but that license expires if you cancel your hosting with us. Website files cannot be released to clients or transferred to other hosts. This is necessary so we can offer such an aggressive pricing structure for custom designed sites and not charge considerable upfront design fees.

You off-course own any content that you originally provided to us. This may include images, text, and other graphics that you may have emailed for use on your website. We are happy to return any items you provided if we still have them on file. This limitations for transfer apply to designs, graphics, and code that we developed; those remain the property of Pageimagine LLC and are not transferable.

If you are one of the few clients that needs to own the original artwork and wants full copyrights for the designs developed, you should consider our parent PageImagine custom design services. Our PageImagine line offers complete custom development individually tailored to the unique specifications of each client and offers unlimited flexibility in design services as well as pricing for release of artwork copyrights to the client. The main difference to keep in mind is that PageImagine services are 100% custom and design fees and licensing fees are charged based on each project's complexity and unique requirements.

How many revisions are allowed in the design process

The PageBlank product line is designed to proceed quickly from draft to final approved status. Because you start by selecting a specific template that you like, that defines much of the style and presentation that will be used across all of your collateral. Most projects are drafted in 5-10 days and can complete in 1-4 weeks. Most revisions are completed within 5-10 days. How well prepared and complete your content is plays a large role in determining how quickly and smoothly your designs complete.

In order to maintain our friendly pricing structure, it is important that you the client do your best to avoid changes that can cost significant lost time and expense. The main areas that consume time are modification of the logo and initial layout of your text and image content. Once the initial designs are drafted, they are presented to you via email or on-line interface for review. The sooner you can review and get back to us with any corrections, the sooner your project can complete. We allow a maximum of 3 revisions per project. It is important that you review each draft carefully and note all of your corrections in detail so that everything can be addressed efficiently and avoid repeated back and fourth. After the first 3 revisions, additional revisions will be subject to additional fees which normally average about 10% per round of corrections. The purpose of this is to avoid lost time and expense from projects that drag on endlessly with round after round of corrections because the client simply does not review each draft carefully the first time. We rarely have to charge these additional fees as long as you do your part in reviewing thoroughly and noting corrections completely in each round.

How many revisions are allowed for websites & are website updates possible

Just like our print products, website design is also based on 3 main rounds to get the overall site structure and layout in place. This is generally followed by 3 minor rounds of text and image updates if required to get the final design to your approval. Once your website is completed and live, the design stage is considered complete. Additional editing is not included as part of the ongoing usage license. We do understand that you may have the need for an occasional edit and we try our best to take care of that for our clients at no charge. This is meant as a courtesy, to help cover minor, and occasional editing such as change of contact info, maybe some text, image, etc. We do reserve the right to limit or refuse updates if they begin to exceed what this is courtesy service is meant to deliver. As a rule of thumb, this will only cover minor updates no more than 2-3 times in a year. If you feel that you need ongoing site updates on a frequent basis such as for articles, news, blogs, calendars, menus, services, pricing, etc. please be sure to discuss those in detail at the start of your project. We can custom build admin capability into your site to handle the exact updates you require, or can offer you ongoing custom editing services that are billed per use.

Can I upgrade to PageImagine level design services as my needs grow?

Yes, you can always take your project to the next level when you are ready. Our PageBlank product line was specifically developed to allow smaller business to afford high quality semi-custom designs. As your business and its marketing needs grow, you can always phase into complete custom development. Under our PageImagine pricing structure, design and consulting fees are billed on an hourly basis, and print/ production costs are billed at similar rates to those shown for PageBlank. Pricing for PageImagine custom design services start at $2500 and include one-on-one consultations and planning of strategies to created powerful marketing materials that achieve your long term business growth objectives. Give us a call when you are ready to go beyond the PageBlank line and we can put together a quote for you.


If you need additional help, call us, we'll listen to your needs and help you select the best choice.

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